National Wheat Yield Contest 2022 Winners

National Wheat Yield Contest 2022 Winners

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National Wheat Yield Contest 2022 Winners

Washington, D.C. (October 18, 2022) – Today, the National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC) is announcing the winners for the 2022 contest, which is the seventh year the National Wheat Foundation has held the contest. This year we had a contest record yield of 231.37 bushels per acre that was achieved by Rylee Reynolds in Twin Falls County, Idaho. Rylee’s 231 bu/ac tops the prior contest record of 211 bu/ac in 2019. Rylee and his dad, Gary, both placed as National Winners in the winter wheat irrigated category. Additionally, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) had some great wheat this year; all 4 of the Bin Buster winners are from the PNW.

The contest encourages wheat growers to strive for high yield, quality and profit while trying new and innovative management strategies in their wheat.

“We know that genetics, environment and management all need to be just right for wheat to thrive, and we are proud to see so many wheat growers continue to reach for higher and better yields, while also growing wheat that customers desire,” said Joe Kejr, National Wheat Foundation Chair. There was exceptional participation from all over the wheat growing states. State winners are recognized from 27 different states. See the list of 2022 state winners here.

Six of the winners have never won at the national level before. The contest recognizes winners in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated. Contestants had to prove their wheat would grade at levels 1 or 2 to compete. The 24 winners are shipping in a grain sample that will be analyzed for additional quality parameters, and if they meet all the specified “customer-desired” quality targets, they will receive a $500 award. In addition, national winners will receive a trip to the Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida, in March 2023 and will be recognized at the National Wheat Foundation’s Winner’s Reception.

Our sponsors are critical to the success of the contest. They not only support the contest financially, but they also help their customers with intensive wheat management and encourage them to enter the contest. We want to thank all our 2022 sponsors; WestBred, John Deere, BASF, The McGregor Company, U.S. Wheat Associates, AgriMaXX, Limagrain Cereal Seeds, CoAxium, UPL, Ardent Mills, PlainsGold, Mennel, Dyna-Gro, Ohio Corn and Wheat, Croplan, Miller Milling, GrainCraft, Michigan Wheat, GrainSense, Elevate Ag, FarmLogs, Grow Pro Genetics, Northern Crops Institute, and the North Dakota Mill and Elevator. The official publication of the NWYC is DTN/Progressive Farmer.

The national winners for 2022 are:

Winter Wheat-Dryland

Bin Buster                             Gene Warren                                     WA

1st                                           Derek Berger                                     OR

2nd                                         Kurt Druffel                                     WA

3rd                                          Darren Grumbine                            PA

4th                                          Erik Olson                                         ID

5th                                          Nick Suwyn                                       MI

1st-% Over County               Doug & Janelle Fitterer                  ND

2nd-% Over County             Zach Balahtsis                                  OK

3rd-% Over County              Dylan Lindsey                                  OK

4th-% Over County              Chris Carlson                                    ND

5th-% Over County              Brett Oelke                                       KS


Winter Wheat-Irrigated

Bin Buster                             Rylee Reynolds                                 ID

1st                                           Joel Zwainz                                       WA

2nd                                         Gary Reynolds                                  ID


Spring Wheat-Dryland

Bin Buster                             Bruce Ruddenklau                          OR

1st                                           Trevor Stout                                     ID

2nd                                         Matthew Krueger                            MN

3rd                                          Jon Wert                                           ND

1st-% Over County               Jordan Christman                           ND

2nd-% Over County             Austin Kautzman                             ND

3rd-% Over County              Greg Messer                                      ND


Spring Wheat-Irrigated

Bin Buster                             Derek Friehe                                     WA

1st                                           Dallin Wilcox                                    ID

2nd                                         Wes Vandyke                                    OR


For more details on the National Wheat Yield Contest, visit For questions on sponsorship of the 2023 contest, contact Anne Osborne


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