Wheat Industry Celebrates Ag Day With Educational Briefing

Today, the National Wheat Foundation celebrated National Ag Day with a briefing on Capitol Hill. The event—themed “Innovation and the Future of Agriculture”—gathered more than 100 Hill staff, industry representatives, and media for a forward-looking discussion on what lies ahead for modern agriculture, specifically as it relates to biotechnology, big data and research.

The panel of industry experts included:

  • Gordon Stoner; Vice President, National Association of Wheat Growers
  • Matt Erickson; Chief Economist, Senate Agriculture Committee
  • David Van Sanford; Professor of Plant and Soil Science, University of Kentucky

Biotechnology continues to be a pressing issue for production agriculture, specifically for wheat farmers who have yet to see commercialized biotechnology traits. “The next five years will go along way in working towards GM wheat acceptance,” said National Association of Wheat Growers vice president, Gordon Stoner. “It’s a matter of will and consumer acceptance.”

The wheat industry convened members of agriculture to emphasize the importance of a cooperative industry approach to advancing agriculture – not only production agriculture, but the entire farm-to-table industry.

“Working together across the grain chain and the agriculture industry is essential for innovation in wheat and a continued bright future for U.S. agriculture,” said Dusty Tallman, Chairman of the National Wheat Foundation and today’s panel moderator. “Collaboration will be the foundation of our industry’s future success.”