Top Food Trends for 2015

The National Restaurant Association released it’s “What’s Hot in 2015” on what to expect in the world of culinary trends this year. The survey was conducted among nearly 1,300 chefs. For all you foodies out there, this is the list for you.

Environmental sustainability stands among the top menu trends for 2015, followed closely by locally sourced, pickling, greater attention to children’s menus and embracing ethnic cuisines.

One trend that is still being seen but is losing traction is the gluten-free frenzy that has been roaring the last few years. According to a recent Consumer Reports article on gluten, one third of Americans think going gluten-free will help with weight loss, but there is no evidence in this assumption. Often times going gluten free increases the risk of being overweight, and “ditching gluten often means adding sugar and fat.”

The truth is, gluten is a combination of two proteins found in wheat and other grains. That’s right – gluten is just protein. Our friends at the Wheat Foods Council have more helpful information about gluten on their website.

Whether it’s a trend or not, going gluten free does not necessarily mean healthier. Learn the facts and read your labels!