The Wheat Advocates Program

Apply to be NWF Wheat Advocate by submitting this application.  More information about the project can be found here.

The National Wheat Foundation is currently overseeing a consumer education effort which we hope will include the recruitment of 10 National Wheat Advocates and Wheat Industry Allies.  With the help of these friends of wheat, we will promote and advocate in support of wheat innovation and other issues pertaining to the wheat industry.

The Wheat Advocates Project will identify and develop a network of Wheat Advocates and Allies that consist of wheat farmers, spouses of wheat farmers, friends of wheat farmers and third parties knowledgeable of the wheat industry, to serve as voices of knowledge, reason and support in conversations with consumers about wheat issues, including wheat innovation.  Our campaign will also seek to identify issues that need to be addressed in consumer conversations and provide communication materials to address these issues from any credible source.  Finally, the Wheat Advocates campaign will seek to maintain “top of mind” awareness with the wheat value chain and general public of the need for research and new developments in wheat, through news articles and wheat grower interviews, and through personal stories published in traditional and social media outlets.

To ensure that our Wheat Advocates will have all of the tools necessary to succeed in their mission, all Advocates will receive social media training from industry experts, messaging guides to reference when promoting wheat innovation, and media opportunities to share personal stories and experiences through local, state, and national publications, as well as on the Wheat Advocates Project blog page.

The Wheat Advocates will be recruited from mid-September through October. The Wheat Advocates Project will be hard launched to the public in late- November to coincide with relevant food-themed holidays: National Bread Month and Thanksgiving. The project will run through June 2015.