Farmer-leaders of the National Association of Wheat Growers and the National Wheat Foundation are developing a National Wheat Action Plan to serve as a catalyst to increase public and private wheat research, and improve wheat productivity and farmer profitability. The outline below details the approach the leaders will take to develop the Plan.

Phase I –

Project Kickoff and Planning
(July – August 2015)

Phase I Objective: Develop consensus and set direction for successful project execution

  • Designate a farmer-directed entity to lead the initiative
  • Articulate a vision for a re-energized wheat industry that increases profitability throughout the value chain
  • Define success metrics
  • Develop stakeholder outreach plan
  • Develop core outreach materials

Phase II –

Industry Outreach and Support
(September – December 2015)

Phase II Objective: Solicit industry support and financial commitment to develop the National Wheat Action Plan

  • Conduct industry outreach meetings and follow up
  • Establish advisory council made up of key industry partners

Phase III –

Stakeholder Outreach and Input
(January – March 2016)

Phase III Objective: Ensure key stakeholders understand and share our vision and have an opportunity to provide insight and input

  • Implement stakeholder outreach plan
    – Conduct one-on-one input sessions with state wheat associations and checkoff commissions
    – Seek input from other members of the grain chain, as well as other industry partners
    – Conduct initial qualitative research among farmers

Phase IV –

Research and Exploration
(January – April 2016)

Phase IV Objective: Identify the best revenue generation option(s) to spur long-term growth and profitability of the entire U.S. wheat industry

  • Conduct quantitative research to understand the needs, interests, practices and priorities of farmers and other key stakeholders
  • Enlist a team of experts to identify and explore potential revenue generation models
  • Research funding models of other commodity organizations to determine advantages/disadvantages of existing approaches

Phase V –

Business Plan Development
(April – September 2016)

Phase V Objective: Finalize an ongoing revenue generation model that will yield a substantial annual revenue source to be used primarily for wheat research and technology transfer

  • Develop a comprehensive business plan that identifies the best revenue generation model(s) for wheat, outlines the steps needed to develop that model and identifies specific uses for national funds
  • Develop and implement an industry rollout plan to announce the finalized plan