Gen Mills

Additional Information

For more information on General Mills’ commitment to soil health, visit its 2017 Global Responsibility Report and Taste of General Mills blog.

Learn more about the Soil Health Partnership’s work to make agriculture more productive and sustainable through improved soil health here.

Read the joint release announcing the partnership here.

Objective 1

The NWF will formally partner with the Soil Health Partnership to add wheat producers in the Northern and Southern Plains states into the existing Soil Health Partnership framework.

Using the Soil Health Partnership, scientifically sound, peer reviewed data will be generated from on-farm soil health plot tests. NWF will serve on the SHP steering committee to oversee wheat grower involvement, and promote grower interests.

Participation may also include a wheat industry expert to serve on the Science Advisory Council to ensure wheat research/production issues are appropriately addressed.

Objective #2

The NWF will undertake an education effort targeted for wheat growers, state wheat grower associations and commissions including the development of wheat specific educational materials about this soil health project & wheat producer participation in the Soil Health Partnership. Information will be shared and promoted across various communications platforms.

Objective #3

NWF will undertake outreach efforts to share information gathered through participation in the Soil Health Partnership with internal and external audiences.