PRESS RELEASE: NWF Announces National Winners for the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest

Washington D.C. (November 06, 2017) – The National Wheat Foundation’s National Wheat Yield Contest offers growers the opportunity to compete with farmers from across the United States and improve wheat productivity on their farms through new innovative techniques. Today, NWF is announcing the national winners for the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest

“This year’s national winners come from such wheat states as Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and others,” stated Foundation Board President Phil McLain. “This diverse set of winners truly reflects the wheat crop and how it can be grown in various types of soil, climates, and terrains across the United States.”

The contest recognizes the overall high yield winner in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.

“NWF would like to thank each grower for enrolling in the NWYC, and thank our sponsors for helping to make the Contest available to wheat growers in the US. We received a record-breaking 287 total entries this year and hope that this number will continue to grow,” continued McLain. “This communication among growers will help improve the overall quality and marketability of US wheat.”

This year’s National winners per category:

High Yield Winner

Phillip Gross (WA) of Warden Hutterian Brethren

Spring Wheat Winners

Dryland: Paul Solem (MN) of Solem Farms, Jon Iverson (ND), Robert Holzwarth (SD) of Amberwaves Farm and Ranch, Doug Stout (ID) of DT Stout J.V., and John Yerger (MT) of Watson Brothers/Yerger Farms.   

Irrigated: Dan Mills (OR) of Mills Mint Farm, Terry Wilcox (ID) of Keith Wilcox and Sons, and James Getzinger (WA) of Getzinger Farms, LLC.

Winter Wheat Winners

Dryland: Brandon Friesen (KS) of Al’s Broken Bar Farms, Everett Tallman (CO) of Tallman Farms, Matt Schupbach (OK) of K & S Farms, Mark Knobel (NE) of Knobel Seeds, and Brian Cochrane (WA) of Cochrane Wheat Ranch. 

Irrigated: Ty Anderson (WY) of Anderson Ag/Prairie Farms/Time Anderson Farms, Marc Arnusch (CO) of Marc Arnusch Farms, LLC, Nathan Franklin (KS) of N & A Farms, Travis Freeburg (WY) of R&K Farms, and Nathan Rea (OR) of HT Rea Farming.

Listed out with yields and seed variety:

  • Phillip Gross, High Yield Winner,Winter Wheat – Irrigated; 184.29 Bu/A with  Limagrain Jet
  • Ty Anderson, 1st Place Winter Wheat-Irrigated; 146.52 Bu/A with WY Crop Res Fndn Cowboy
  • Marc Arnusch, 2nd Place Winter Wheat-Irrigated; 162.17 Bu/A with WB4303
  • Nathan Franklin, 3rd Place Winter Wheat-Irrigated; 144.07 Bu/A with WB-CEDAR
  • Travis Freeburg, 4th Place Winter Wheat Irrigated; 113.35 Bu/A with AgriPro AP503
  • Nathan Rea, 5th Place Winter Wheat Irrigated; 161.99 Bu/A with Limagrain Drive
  • Brandon Friesen, 1st Place Winter Wheat-Dryland; 115.26 Bu/A with WB-Grainfield
  • Everett Tallman, 2nd Place Winter Wheat-Dryland;72.80 Bu/A with Plains Gold Byrd
  • Matt Schupbach, 3rd Place Winter Wheat-Dryland; 94.70 Bu/A with WB4303
  • Mark Knobel, 4th Place Winter Wheat-Dryland; 119.00 Bu/A with AgriPro Sunrise
  • Brian Cochrane, 5th Place Winter Wheat-Dryland; 92.00 Bu/A with WaState Otto
  • Dan Mills, 1st Place Spring Wheat-Irrigated; 137.85 Bu/A with WestBred SOLANO
  • Terry Wilcox, 2nd Place Spring Wheat-Irrigated; 143.91 Bu/A with WB9668
  • James Getzinger, 3rd Place Spring Wheat-Irrigated; 152.92 Bu/A with WestBred SOLANO
  • Paul Solem, 1st Place Spring Wheat-Dryland; 103.42 Bu/A with WB9479
  • Jon Iverson, 2nd Place Spring Wheat-Dryland;97.57 Bu/A with Croplan 3530
  • Robert Holzwarth 3rd Place Spring Wheat-Dryland;102.58 Bu/A with U of Minnesota Bolles
  • Doug Stout, 4th Place Spring Wheat-Dryland; 114.05 Bu/A with WB9668
  • John Yerger, 5th Place Spring Wheat-Dryland; 58.78 Bu/A with Croplan HRS 3100

The sponsors for the 2017 National Yield Contest are BASF, Croplan/Winfield, Indigo Ag, John Deere, McGregor, Monsanto, and Syngenta.

The national winners will be recognized at the 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim, California, February 27–March 1.  Official rules and entry details for the 2018 Contest will be available by January 1st, 2018 at 


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