October is National Pasta Month! So, grab a fork and twirl!

A survey conducted by the National Pasta Association found that 77% of Americans eat pasta at least once per week. Pasta can be used as a side dish or main entree, eaten hot or cold, or topped with a variety of different items. Pasta is such a versatile food, it’s no wonder it’s so popular! Pasta is also a great source of energy (complex carbohydrates) that are crucial to fuel for your brain and muscles.

You might have already made the switch to 100% whole-wheat pasta, but that’s not the only variety of whole-grain or whole-wheat pasta. Did you know that a wide variety of other whole-grain pastas are readily available in grocery stores these days?

pasta month October 15If you are feeling domestically creative you can make your own pasta with a few simple ingredients. This is a fun, fresh, flavorful and nutrition packed recipe for homemade spinach whole-wheat pasta.

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