NWF’s Most Read Blogs of 2018

Written by: Fall 2018 NAWG intern Lainey Wolf

The National Wheat Foundation (NWF) is celebrating the end of another successful year by highlighting the most read blogs of 2018. This year’s blogs have covered a variety of topics ranging from the anti-gluten fad to glyphosate to profiling the winners of the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest. Mentioned below are NWF’s top three most read blogs of 2018. We hope you will find them informative, useful, and continue to read our posts in 2019!!

In the top place for most views of 2019: The Facts About Glyphosate, Part 1: How Do Wheat Growers Use Glyphosate?

Glyphosate has been a hot topic in the media this year. It is a safe and commonly used crop protectant that helps wheat farmers control weeds. This blog provides readers with a primer on what is glyphosate and how and why some wheat growers use it in their operations. To learn more about this herbicide and why its important to wheat growers, read our full blog here.

The second most viewed blog: Jerry Minore Memorial Scholarship: Hear from Last Year’s Winners!

This blog announced the opening of applications for the Jerry Minore scholarship, a project the National Wheat Foundation partners with BASF on every year. The Minore scholarship provides an opportunity of financial assistance to incoming freshman to juniors who are pursuing a career in agriculture. Included in the blog are personal stories from the 2017-2018 scholarship recipients about how the scholarship has helped them along the way to their success.

And finally, in 3rd place…. The Consequences of a Gluten-Free Diet Craze

This blog highlights the rise of gluten-free diet fads and how there are a lot of misconceptions around gluten in social media and online. Only a small percentage of the population has celiac disease and, yet, the trend to go gluten-free seems to be rapidly growing. In reality, products continuing gluten, like whole wheat bread, can actually help you lose weight and provide essential dietary nutrients. For the wheat industry, this diet trend has created and spread a lot of misinformation around celiac disease and gluten-free. Get the facts from our blog here.