NEWS RELEASE: DTN/The Progressive Farmer Becomes Official Publication of the National Wheat Yield Contest


Contact: Caitlin Eannello, NAWG Director of Communications, 

Washington, D.C. (May 01, 2018) Today, the National Wheat Foundation (NWF) announced DTN, publisher of The Progressive Farmer, as the official publication of the National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC). DTN/The Progressive Farmer provides the agriculture industry with real time information and market intelligence that enable farmers, agribusiness, and commodity traders to actively and effectively manage their businesses.

“I have watched this contest grow over the past three years and am excited to see it taking this next big step,” said Wayne Hurst, National Wheat Foundation Chairman. “Our partnership with the DTN/The Progressive Farmer will help bring more light to our efforts to make this competition become the nation’s principal wheat yield contest.”

The National Wheat Yield Contest began in 2015, with the purpose of increasing U.S. wheat growers’ productivity to ensure an ample supply of quality U.S. wheat to meet the needs of the domestic wheat market and foreign customers.

“Helping farmers is what we do every day at DTN/The Progressive Farmer,” said Matt Herman, publisher of The Progressive Farmer. “We are pleased to expand our relationship with the National Wheat Foundation to support the communication of their yield contest to help growers achieve higher productivity, yield and quality.

“It’s always a pleasure when farmers and industry partners acknowledge valuable content; including the yield contest winner features detailing the challenges and successes top farmers share annually within our March feature,” Herman said.

The NWYC objectives are to drive innovation in the wheat industry, enable knowledge transfer between growers, urge experimentation with new technologies and identify top wheat producers in each state. Currently, the National Wheat Foundation is working to incorporate a quality component into the 2018 Contest.


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