New Uses of Wheat Create Fresh Demand for the Industry

We all know wheat is found in many delicious foods – pastries, breads, cakes and other delightful treats, but have you ever wondered what the other uses of wheat are and could be in the future?

Wheat provides a sustainable source of food for people across the world. More than 80 percent of U.S. wheat is either exported or used to make food. The properties of wheat also provide a sustainable and renewable source for many other products beyond just edible goods. Wheat can be elastic, bind water and form films that can be stabilized with heat. These properties ensure wheat being used in various other products including: straw particle board, paper, adhesives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

New uses for wheat are gaining popularity across the world. The production and commercialization of new products made with wheat presents new opportunities for global populations, creating new jobs and economic growth. For the U.S. – one of the largest wheat producing countries – new wheat uses can create market demand for America’s wheat farmers and industries.

Through continued innovation, the possibilities for wheat use in other industries could be endless!