Minore Scholarship: Past Winners Share Their Experiences

The National Wheat Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Jerry Minore Scholarship, honoring students pursing a career in the field of agriculture. The Scholarship is available to both graduating high school seniors and college students for the 2020-2021 academic year with an application deadline of December 31, 2019.

The National Wheat Foundation Board will choose two applicants to be awarded a $2,500 scholarship each. Through the Jerry Minore Scholarship, the future of agriculture is promoted by today’s students, who are given the ability to learn more and think critically about their place in the world of agriculture. Several students who were awarded in the past have benefitted from the Scholarship and have had the opportunity to seek out further interest in agriculture, gain a better worldview, and continue forward in their academic careers. Below are a few of their stories:

Adrienne Blakey, a senior from Oklahoma State University double-majoring in Plant and Soil Sciences and Agricultural Communications: “I am considering graduate school opportunities for the next few years and continuing to gain new experiences in my wheat research, working to learn more about the Spanish language and cultures, and seeking opportunities to learn more about food and agricultural policy.”

Samantha Fischer, a junior from Kansas State University double-majoring in Food Science and Industry as well as Global Food Systems Leadership: “This past summer I was a Food Safety Quality and Regulatory Intern for Cargill, at their Starches and Sweeteners plant in Dayton, Ohio. This school year I have undertaken the roles as President of the K-State Food Science Club, Vice-President of my professional agricultural sorority, Sigma Alpha, as well as continuing my role as Manager of the Kansas Value-Added Foods Lab. This summer I plan on taking a Product Development internship.”

Kayla Beechinor, a senior from Washington State University majoring in Integrated Plant Sciences, Agricultural Biotechnology, and Field Crop Management: “I am planning on starting my Masters in Plant Breeding and then continuing on to get my PhD. With this, I want to work for a company as a plant breeder where I can be a valuable asset to the agricultural community through creating high yielding varieties that will feed the worlds growing population…The Minore Scholarship has allowed me to save money to pursue a plant breeding internship in France and to meet multiple amazing people in the agricultural industry while attending to the Commodity Classic. I am very thankful to be selected for this scholarship and the opportunities it has granted me!”

Storm Soat, a senior from Michigan State University: “I am planning on returning to Hasenick Brothers farm after completing school and getting on my feet. I would like to start a small farm in the near future if I am able to get my hands on some funding and a few rented acres. If not, I would like to offer some sort of farm service business.”


To apply for the Jerry Minore Scholarship, please follow this link. For more information or questions about the Scholarship, please follow this link.