Jerry Minore Scholarship Recipient Highlight: Morgan Perez

Morgan Perez photoThe winter of my junior year of college, I was finishing up my first full semester in the agriculture department. My grandfather, LeRoy Watson—previous member of WAWG, informed me of the Jerry Minore Memorial scholarship opportunity. As I read the application, I was honored students must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior to be eligible for the scholarship. Prior to my junior year, I was in limbo with which industry I wanted to pursue: medical industry verse agriculture industry, which are two completely different entities. This scholarship enlightened me and strengthened my (at the time) newly decided career path, agriculture.

The Jerry Minore Memorial Scholarship not only financially assisted me in my educational career, but also developed awareness in the agricultural industry. Prior to this scholarship, the only agricultural experiences I held were created from my family’s farm. The opportunity to attend the Commodity Classic was outstanding, not only outstanding to travel outside of Washington to Florida but outstanding to experience the wealth of knowledge I received. It gave me a chance to see beyond the family farm, and engage in conversations with people from all over the United States. Not only did this expose me to a wide variety of people but businesses that I never knew existed. The exposure this event created was such a huge impact in my career. The Commodity Classic has been by far the greatest trade shows I had attended, and I am delighted to say that I was able to witness the event. Last to note, I am friends with one of the recipients I met during the trip at the Commodity Classic, and we are still in contact to this day.

I attended Washington State University receiving my Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Food Systems with a major in Agricultural Technology and Production Management. I am now an agronomist in the Columbia Basin of Washington State. I love assisting farmers in providing them a sustainable and economical option in these challenging years of farming.

I work in agriculture because it is in my blood. Initially, I attempted to venture out from the industry as being raised in farming my whole life. However, in the end I came to realization that it is my passion; it is apart of me for the rest of my life. The future of agriculture is what drives our lives. Without agriculture, there is no life.

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