Get to Know the Winners of the 2015 Wheat Harvest Photo Contest – Casey Graham

Casey Graham, from Del Norte, Colorado, is one of the runner-ups in the National Wheat Foundation’s first Wheat Harvest Photo Contest.

IMG_7169 (1)

Ten years ago Casey and her husband decided to start a custom harvesting business in Colorado that their three children could eventually take over one day.

“The most memorable part of harvest this year was the kids getting to see their friends that they only see once a year while we are on the road,” Graham said. “The combines filled with all of their laughter, running and playing in the fresh cut fields and getting to eat dinner at the field with the farmers who have become our extended family.”

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the photo you submitted.

It has been beyond amazing this year for pictures on harvest. Every stop we had seemed to present me with opportunities for pictures. We were cutting in Simla and storms kept passing by on either side of this field. And then this storm came in. You could see the hail, lightening was everywhere. It made a beautiful backdrop for the picture.

Casey Graham_runner up

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