Frequently Asked Questions About the Nation Wheat Action Plan

A: The U.S. wheat industry has faced decades of decreasing profitability in comparison to competing crops, lack of significant productivity gains, increased global competition and negative consumer sentiment regarding the healthfulness of wheat-based products. NWF and NAWG leaders recognize that current efforts are insufficient to generate the resources needed to turn around the U.S. wheat industry, and believe that it is critical to move forward now on a new path to revitalize the wheat industry.

A: As sister organizations, NWF and NAWG are strategically collaborating on all aspects of the National Wheat Action Plan. Senior leaders from both organizations are leading the core team overseeing plan development, and both organizations will be directly involved in plan implementation. As a membership organization, NAWG will reach out directly to its member states, and the Foundation will coordinate directly with industry partners.

A: The end goal of the plan is to increase U.S. wheat growers’ productivity and competitiveness and thus overall profitability for all members of the wheat value chain.

A: NAWG member states and growers will be asked to provide input into the national producer survey and subsequent phases of the plan, help promote the effort and participate in the launch event. Member states will receive regular updates on the monthly state executives conference call, through the NAWG Weekly Update newsletter and periodical e-mails from staff.

A: The National Wheat Action Plan will be completed by fall 2016.

A: For the most up-to-date list of industry partners, please visit the National Wheat Foundation website:

A: NWF and NAWG work very closely with a number of other wheat organization partners. A Stakeholder Outreach Plan has been developed as part of the overall National Wheat Action Plan to ensure that partner organizations all along the grain chain have the opportunity to provide input into the process and learn the research results.

A: More than three-quarters of current wheat varieties were developed by public research. Agricultural research requires adequate, long-term, consistent funding, but as we have seen in recent years, funding for public research programs continues to decrease. NAWG is committed to advocating for much more public research funding and realizes the value private research increasingly plays in the advancement of wheat quality and competitiveness.

A: The plan will be developed through a public-private venture funded by NWF, NAWG and private industry, and created over a 12-month period. Key elements of the process include:

  • Primary and secondary research to analyze producer attitudes, best practices and view of the future of the U.S. wheat industry
  • Stakeholder input from across the industry
  • Review of existing investment models both in wheat and other commodities
  • Development of a comprehensive business plan that identifies new options for public, private and grower revenue generation models for wheat, outlines the steps needed to develop the best model(s) and identifies specific uses for national funds and a process for application, distribution, reporting and accounting
  • Implementation of an industry rollout plan for wheat leaders to announce their new national investment mechanism(s) and intended long-term outcomes for increased wheat grower productivity and profitability to all key stakeholders

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Nation Wheat Action Plan FAQs Sheet