Apply for Wheat Advocates Program Today!

As part of a broad consumer education effort, the National Wheat Foundation (NWF) is seeking candidates for a pilot program that provides tools and resources to wheat industry allies interested in advocating on behalf of the wheat industry. The Wheat Advocates Project will identify and develop a network of Wheat Advocates and Allies that consist of wheat farmers, spouses of wheat farmers, friends of wheat farmers and third parties knowledgeable of the wheat industry, to serve as voices of knowledge, reason and support in conversations with consumers about wheat issues, including wheat innovation.

All Wheat Advocates will receive social media training from industry experts, messaging guides to reference when promoting wheat innovation, and media opportunities to share personal stories and experiences through local, state, and national publications, as well as on the new National Wheat Foundation blog page.

NWF staff will select 10 applicants to participate in the 6-month program, which will run from January to June 2015. To apply or learn more about the Wheat Advocates program, visit the program page on the National Wheat Foundation website here. Applications are due by December 17, 2014.