Advocate Post: Where Does My Food Come From?: Mark & Jenny Rohrich

By Shauna Farver, Wheat Advocate and Farver Farms blogger.

As part of a new series on the Farver Farms blog, Shauna has been diving deeper into the conversation of how our food is produced. The “Where Does My Food Come From?” blog/podcast series will be “putting personal stories & real faces on production agriculture” as Shauna talks with farmers from around the Nation. In one part of the series, Shauna sits down with Mark and Jenny Rohrich, a husband and wife duo supporting the industry in a big way. The Rohrich’s grow wheat, among other crops, on their North Dakota family farm, and Jenny is also involved in the Wheat Advocates Program.

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I’m so thrilled to introduce my guests to you today.  I’m talking with Mark & Jenny Rohrich, a husband and wife team who are not only producers, but are supporting the industry of agriculture in a big way.

In addition to playing a role on their family’s farm, they are also partners in an agronomy business, Maverick Ag, and Jenny is an avid agvocate on her blog, Prairie Californian.

This couple was a lot of fun to interview, and I think you’ll learn a lot about the human side of food production from them.

You can hear what a great team Mark & Jenny make, each of them bringing their own strengths to their farming operating with the other members of their family, as well as to their agronomy business and the Prairie Californian blog.  They’re able to ask questions of each other & really capitalize on the individual talents they each have.

And I love what Jenny said about the fact that farmers are listening to consumers conversations, and they want to be involved, and want to answer the questions that consumers have.  She said it best: “Farmers are just a tweet away”

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As always, we so appreciate you reading, listening & following along.  We hope you enjoyed hearing from Mark and Jenny, and making a farm/food, producer/consumer connection with them.

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