National Wheat Action Plan

National Wheat Action Plan
The wheat industry is on a 30-year decline, and U.S. wheat leaders intend to reverse that trend by improving productivity and increasing profitability for U.S. wheat growers by implementing the National Wheat Action Plan.

About the Plan
Farmer-leaders of the National Association of Wheat Growers and the National Wheat Foundation are developing a National Wheat Action Plan to serve as a catalyst to increase public and private wheat research, and improve wheat productivity and farmer profitability. Facing decreased profitability in comparison to competing crops, lack of significant productivity gains, increased global competition and negative consumer sentiment regarding the healthfulness of wheat-based products, the leaders recognize that current efforts are insufficient to generate the turnaround the U.S. wheat industry needs.

The Action Plan will launch a process to attract interest, support and investment of private capital to stimulate increased expenditure on private and public wheat research and technology transfer, and to expedite adoption by wheat farmers. This vehicle will evolve to become a substantial annual revenue source to be used primarily for wheat research and technology transfer.

For more detailed information about the Action Plan, please see the Project Plan and Frequently Asked Questions.

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